Our professional teachers love learning and pass that love and excitement to the children.

Nur Saleemah


Led by a devoted mother of two, our The ChildTime is Project-Based Preschool embraces the importance of a nurturing and supportive environment. As a parent myself, I understand the unique needs of young learners and the desire for a well-rounded education

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Our program not only cultivates creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, but also provides a warm and loving atmosphere where every child feels cherished and encouraged. Join our close-knit community as we embark on an educational journey that honors both the hearts and minds of our little ones.

Director of Feetrah Education Group

Our early childhood educators.

are fully qualified, very experienced and extremely dedicated to their roles – many have been with us since it opened in 2010.

We truly value continuity of care and know how important consistency is in a young child’s life – which is why we our team is only made of of all permanent part-time and full-time educators. We employee regular permanent float educators which enables us to refrain from using “casual” or “agency” educators. This means that your child will always know and be familiar with every educator in the service!